Diary of a Arva pilot in Dutch East Indies

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Gerard Johan Burgers, born April 24, 1924 in Boxtel, lived with his parents when they where liberated by advancing Allied troops in Vught on October 26, 1944 from German occupation.

He went  via Brussels to England in early 1945 after he had registered as a volunteer in the Dutch air forces.

With the Royal Air Force (KLu) he was trained as a pilot destined to become part of the Mitchell squadron which would be deployed in the liberation of the Dutch East Indies.

After returning to the Netherlands, however, Almost his complete class was redirected for repayment of the pilots of "Nr. ARVA-6 Squadron" that was operational in Jave since1946.

So he left in March 1948 to Indonesia where became part of the Squadron. He made a large number of flights, in West and Central Java, in support of ground troops. The main tasks where to scout the progress of "cleansing" operations, directing artillery fire, dropping food and ammunition supplies and the extraction of the wounded at places that where unreachable by road.


Based on the many letters he sent home and which were kept by his mother, in the diary he wrote many years later, which he supplemented with many photos and documents in his time in India gathered data from his pilot logbook and memories from that time sad events of which he wrote home to not have no cause to worry. After his return to the Netherlands he continued as a reserve officer-pilot a few years as a kite months, with an honorable discharge after he left the Royal Air Force (KLu).

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