Martin PBM - 5A Mariner

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This book by former naval aviator and historian Kees Leebeek is written based on authentic sources and interviews with still surviving crew members who served in Dutch New Guinea in the period of 1950-1960.

The primitive conditions on site were the real-life setting in which the loyal and dutiful naval personnel , away from hearth and home with this great amphibious flying boats made its contribution to the defense of Dutch New Guinea.



On the basis of a number of serious accidents - where unfortunately thirty-two casualties and eight Mariners went missing -


this book not only tells the real story about these disasters but it also provides a unique and revealing look behind the scenes at the Royal Navy. The Commander bd Kees Leebeek (1944) has several years after high school dangers merchant marine officer and was incorporated in 1967 as a conscript officer in the Royal Navy. There he chose a job as pilot / observer in the Navy Aviation. After many operational flying placements include the Grumman S2F-Tracker, the Breguet Atlantic and P3C Orion he - after attending the Higher and Get Protection formation - the administrative circuit. He was commander of the aircraft squadrons 2 and 320 and later commander of the group maritime patrol aircraft to Valkenburg. His naval career was closed in May 2000 in the position of Flag Officer Naval Aviation, also sous chef operatieën of the Royal Navy. After his superannuation he studied history at the University of Leiden. He is married and has two daughters and a son and six grandchildren.

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