From Hull, Hell and Halifax

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This book tells the story of the incredible commitment to the Yorkshire-based No 4 group of the Royal Air Force around the Second World War. Supported by a loyal team under toiled many hours to make everything right. Hundreds brave pilots (including pilots from all over the world were invited to participate in the fight) went into their Whitley's, Wellington's and Halifax's to the heart of the enemy homeland. Planes of this group were the first flew over Berlin, which Italy bombed the first and it was rare that a "Bomber crew' 'to a tour of 30 missions to complete.

20 chapters bring the progress of the group map. Each component is dealt with pre-and post-war transport and the contribution of ground staff. Furthermore, the book covers topics such as squadrons, airports, aircraft types, the nose and tail drawings and a list of pilots who were awarded the "Victoria Cross''.

This book contains many first hand reports and is supplemented with maps, line drawings and over 380 black/white photographs.

Language: English

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Publisher Midland
ISBN 0-904597-81-4
Author Chris Blanchett
Pages 240
Language English

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