Im Anflug auf die Reichshauptstadt

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In the approach on the "Reich" capital, the documentation of the bomb attacks on Berlin days and nights of having a horror. Berlin does not only apply beside Dresden as the usually destroyed German City of the war, but also as the most frequent goal of the allied bombardments. With altogether 310 air raids approximately 50,000 humans were killed and irreplaceable cultural properties were destroyed. Until 1200 machines were the worst days "in the approach on the realm capital". The allied bomber fleets should smash the German industry and break the moral of the population. The result however were misery and wrong for thousands and thousands of people.

The air war over the German capital showed three large phases: The bomber offensive of the British starting from summer 1940, then the battle in such a way specified around Berlin with the first large Area Bombardments and finally the connected British-American bomber offensive with their high point in the spring 1945. At this time the air war presented itself so totally, that no more of a destruction of only war-important goals could be spoken.

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