Rise and Defend the USAF at manston 1950-1958

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Taken over by the United States Air Force in 1950 as a direct result of the developing chill of the Cold War. The ex-RAF base at Manston in Kent served as a forward air base, from which American aircraft could be rapidly deployed to meet the threat of incoming Soviet bombers, with an intercept area well away from the UK mainland. Manston also served as a base from which USAF forces in Europe could be speedily reinforced and also hosted some of the earliest helicopter-equipped dedicated SAR squadrons around the British coast.

Despite never firing a shot in anger, the Manstonbased units played a major role in the development of operational use and tactics of jet aircraft such as the F-84 Thunderjet, the nuclear-armed Thundersteak and the F-86 Sabre in their numerous variants.

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