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The flightproperties of the Hansa-Brandenburg were the reason this type was manufactured under license in the Netherlands. The company Trompenburg in Amsterdam in 1918 was fully occupied with the construction of Farman, New Port-hunters and the famous "Spijker" training aircraft, so other companies had to be sought in order to concentrate on the construction of the Hansa-Brandenburg.

Because it was difficult to provide the aviation department LVA and MLD during the First World War with modern aircraft, the War Office tried Dutch businesses to recreate aircraft. Companies that dared risk it could count on considerable support from the government.

Thanks to the initiative of Lieutenant at sea 1st Class; D. Vreede, which mr. WA van Berkel knew personally, was the firm Van Berkel prepared the financial risks of setting up a department to build aircraft. Mr. Van Berkel who's the son of a butcher had an extraordinary inventiveness, as his patented development in meat slicers, which at that time were all true wonders of technology.

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