Fokker D-23

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The Fokker D-23: A special experimental single fighter.

This book is about the remarkable story of design 155, later called the Fokker D-23. The presentation of this fighter at the exhibition of 1938 in Paris attracted much interest. It resulted in praise, but also lots of comments. At the outbreak of World War II had the unit only 11 flights were made, with a total of 3 hours and 38 minutes of flying time. This book sets out the facts to establish and clarify a fascinating but experimental fighter.

Willem Vredeling was born in 1936 in Makassar, Indonesia. From his fifth year he has been fascinated by aviation. Willem Vredeling trained as an airplane mechanic. After fulfilling his military service in two years 299 squadron he joined Fokker. He worked 38 years with 20 years in the aircraft and 18 years in space.

Since joining in until his retirement, gathered Willem about the Dutch Fokker aircraft. The meetings with ir Marius Beeling French stick and his right gave him a major boost not only to the breeder realized types watch but also to the designs. Beeling said: "The designs you can see the creativity and state of the technology of a firm determination." It was obviously very special to firsthand how and why of the design to figure out, as well as the prototypes and test flights. In his spare time Vredeling lectures Fokker pensioners held, articles written and provided assistance to many books from different authors or organizations. He does the last so far.

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