Sicorsky S-51

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The Sikorsky S-51 helicopter is the first in postwar Dutch civil registry had an extraordinary life. Originally purchased to study the technical and economic aspects, which the then unknown in the fledgling fly helicopters for both civil and military aviation entailed, this PH-HAA and later "Jezebel" in a warm public interest can rejoice. This was a logical consequence of a series of nationwide demonstrations and experiments which were performed with this helicopter.

During the second life as the unit Navy liftfan-airplane (helicopter) garnered great fame during the disaster in February Zeeland (the Netherlands). Thanks to the operational use of the helicopter in the Netherlands, the basics for both civilian and military helicopter flights be imposed. The history of this important of helicopter was the first time in two episodes of the monthly magazine "Aviation" published. Both articles, but with more background and further complemented with a description of the history of the S-51, form the content of this beautiful book.

Language: Dutch


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